25 Juni, 2012

Aman Gati Hotels

Hotel Aman Gati Sekotong, West Lombok

The Aman Gati Hotel Lombok - Labuhan Poh. We are located on the beach in Sekotong West Lombok. World class surfing, diving, and fishing are  awaiting you on this Bali's sister island. Its rustic rural setting allows and welcomes guests to witness and interact with friendly local people. Traditional lives, awe & inspiring beauty, excellent service and good reasonable prices are our guarantee.
The Aman Gati is nestled in the back of a large bay, the glassy conditions in the bay are perfect for water sports such as: Wake Boarding, Tubing, Jet Skiing, and Waterskiing. Just around the corner is Legendary Desert point, regarded by many experts as one of the best waves in the world. We provide transportation to and from the surf. We can also take you to some secret spots.

Aman Gati Hotel Lombok Labuhan Poh. For those who just want to relax, you have come to the right place. Sekotong’s long empty beaches are perfect for a morning and sunset stroll. Looking for seashells, enjoying a massage or just watching cable television in your air conditioned room are really relaxing, far from any duty.

Our hotel has restaurant,  meeting hall, biliards and ping pong room. We also provide a boat dock for guests arriving by sea. Last but not least we have signal for mobile phones for those who need to stay in contact with the outside world using your mobile phone and/or network.

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