27 Februari, 2014

Setangi Beach

Setangi Beach - If called Setangi Beach, definitely people will be confused and do not know where the place is located. Though beauty is not inferior to the well-known beach in Lombok. That Lombok, storing various kind of natural beauty that has been exposed and is still hidden.
During his time at the beach, cool atmosphere, will feel fresh and fun. Many coconut trees which will grow soothing atmosphere around the beach. In addition to a pleasant atmosphere, the cleanliness of the beach is maintained.



Sunset At Setangi Beach - Photo by Lychos Photography
Setangi Beach is located in North Lombok regency precisely before Malimbu. Has good road access and can be passed by both private vehicles motorcycles and cars. Their journey through the city of Mataram does not take a long time, besides the distance is not too far away, the road through which was nice and wide.

To Get There

Access to the beach is easy, because the location is not too far from the city of Mataram, Senggigi no point – Malimbu. From this point we can just go to the west, there are several entrances, one of which just had made on the ramp before Malimbu, fairly wide path so that the car can freely enter. The sand is white mixed with black, large extend with large waves.
Warm sunset at Setangi Beach -
Photo by Lychos Photography

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